Yes, you guessed it right. We named Riyalto after the famous bridge in Venice because that bridge was built to allow easy access to the merchants on either side of the canal; it connected businesses.

We are building a data-driven approach to wholesale sourcing of Jewelry. Helping retailers cut down inventory, improve sell-through, and easily back order fast-selling designs.

Riyalto is making it easier for independent jewelry retailers to connect efficiently with the entire supply chain. It is a marketplace helping retailers to find new products, upcoming or established designers, and manage the supply chain end-to-end.

Store owners can register on our site to discover and buy unique products and designer brands that their customers will love. It is revolutionizing the jewelry procurement and supply chain by providing an end-to-end platform, personalized service, and commitment to sustainability.

Here is a quick summary of what is in the works.

Marketplace: First of its kind community

Riyalto is building a marketplace of World-class manufacturers, upcoming and established designers, and Jewelry retailers across the world. It is a trade show that is live 24x7x365, giving store owners access to a wide selection of products from hundreds of vendors.

Riyalto helps streamline the manufacturing and sourcing process, reduces inventory risks, and makes it easier for retailers, brands, and designers to get quality products on time. Its automated monitoring and notification systems ensure all orders are fulfilled in a timely and efficient manner.

Get real time visibility on all your products

Catalog Sharing and Vendor Management

Retailers currently have to go to tens of partner websites, sift through paper catalogs, take numerous physical meetings, or travel thousands of miles and spend dollars to find the right products, meet vendors, and be on top of the trends.

With Riyalto’s intuitive and easy-to-use interface, they can ask their vendors to share catalogs, look at them in their free time make selections and ask for quotations. They can also track orders throughout the manufacturing process. We are saving time, and improving margins through direct connections.

Find new vendors and manage your existing vendors to consolidate orders and improve efficiency

Advance Analytics, AI, and more

Over the past few years, a humungous amount of publicly available data and machine learning has made it possible to predict how well a product will sell in a given store.

We are using these recent developments in technology and data availability to build detailed analytics and reporting tools to help retailers gain insights into their performance, enabling them to make the necessary adjustments to their operations. Our tools provide valuable insights into customer behavior and trends, helping retailers stay ahead of the curve.

Our mission is to use technology to connect the world of jewelry sellers and creators. The independent store owners and creators are the color and lifeline of our society. Riyalto is using technology to enable them to compete with the Goliaths.

Find the latest trends and get customized catalogs

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